Online Reporting System

Bilateral Cooperation

Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia cooperates with FIUs of different countries.

According to the Georgian AML/CFT legislation, the Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia has the right to conclude agreements (covenants) with corresponding agencies of other countries, which shall regulate exchange of information concerning prevention of illicit income legalization and terrorism financing and other issues within their competence.

As of March 1, 2018, the Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia signed Memoranda of Understanding with the relevant agencies of Ukraine, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Czech Republic, Israel, Slovenia, Romania, Panama, Thailand, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Moldova, Lebanon, Indonesia, Armenia, Turkey, Sweden, Poland, Macedonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Aruba, Andorra, San Marino, India, Belarus, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, Lithuania, Argentina, Malta, Portugal, Hungary, Montenegro, Monaco, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.