Online Reporting System

Monitoring Entities

Monitoring Entities defined under the law of Georgia "on Facilitating the Prevention of Illicit Income Legalization" conduct their activity on the basis of this Law.


The monitoring entities in Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia:

» Commercial banks;

» Microfinance organizations;

» Entities performing money remittance services;

» Broker companies;

» Securities' registrars;

» Currency exchange bureaus;

» Qualified credit institutions;

» Non-bank depository institutions;

» Insurance companies and non-state pension scheme founders;

» Entities, organizing lotteries and other commercial games;

» Casinos;

» Notaries;

» Person conducting accountancy or/and auditor activity as it is defined under the Georgian legislation;

» Leasing companies;

» Revenue Service - Legal entity of public law of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia ;

» The National Agency of Public Registry - Legal entity of public law;

» Entities engaged in activities related to precious metals, precious stones and products thereof, as well as antiquities;

» Entities engaged in extension of grants and charity assistance;

» Advocates;